★ Members
Benjamin Folch Lead vocals

Wireless Microphone Shure Beta 58

Ear-Monitors Wireless System: Shure PSM-200

Major influences

David Coverdale

Sebastian Bach

Russell Allen

Jorn Lande

3 most favourite albums

Whitesnake - Come an' get it (1981)

Skid Row - Slave to the grind (1991)

Symphony X - Divine wings of tragedy (1996)

Favourite Highway song to play live

Leave me alone

Favourite quotation

"Be safe, be happy and don't let anybody make you afraid" - Sir Coverdale

The person he would like to have a beer with

David Coverdale... because he is simple the best... an embodiment of god!!


What makes up my personality is, first and foremost, my positive state of mind and the fact that I am able to communicate it to others, being able to always look on the bright side of life and face all situations with a smile.

I love being happy and make the people around me happy as well.

That’s what motivates me every single day.

Ben Chambert Guitars, Backing vocals

Gibson SG 61’ Reissue (Guitar of the week #6)

Gibson Les Paul Supreme Gold Top (Guitar of the week #22)

Marshall JCM 900 Dual Reverb + JCM 800 2210 + Cab Marshall 1960A

Ernie Ball strings 09-46

Custom Picks Ben Chambert Signature 1mm (InTunes Custom Picks)

Line 6 G50 Wireless System

Pedalboard Pedal Train with Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 plus: Wah-Wah Custom Audio Electronic MC-404, TC Electronic Polytune 2, Equilizer MXR M108, KLON Centaur KTR, BOSS Delay DD-3, ISP Decimator II – Noise Gate, BOSS Octaver OC-3, Talk Box MXR M222

Major influences

AC/DC, Whitesnake, Guns N’ Roses, Aerosmith, Van Halen, Kiss, ZZ Top, Scorpions, Motley Crue, ...

3 most favourite albums

AC/DC - Back in Black (1980)

GN’R - Appetite for destruction (1987)

Whitesnake – Saints and Sinners (1982)

and many more!

Favourite Highway song to play live

ALL of them... depending on the show!

Favourite quotation

"Dream until your dream comes true."

The person he would like to have a beer with

Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead ! He had lived through all the histoiry of rock'n'roll and experienced almost everything, from being Jimmy Hendrix' roadie to being one of Heavy Metal's living legends … I guess he has quite a lot to tell! But we would probably need more than one keg of beer!

EDIT 2018: Too late, too late...RIP Lemmy


HIGHWAY is the road on which my life is rolling along. Ambition is both its powerful engine and the artist who brings it to life. The four of us in a car, with nothing and no one capable of stopping us!

It's all happening...Don't stop believin'...

Romain Chambert Drums

Tama Starworks drum kit : Kick drum 22", toms 10" - 12" - 16"

Snare drum "Ian Paice signature" 14"

Mapex Janus twin pedal

Paiste cymbals 2002

Vic Firth sticks

Major influences

Phil Rudd, Tommy Lee, Cozy Powell, Alex Van Halen, Ian Paice, James Kottak

3 most favourite albums

AC/DC- Back in Black (1980)

Motley Crue - Dr Feelgood (1989)

Guns n’ Roses - Appetite for Destruction (1987)

Favourite Highway song to play live

Wake Up

Favourite quotation

"All or nothing!"

The person he would like to have a beer with

There are quite a few of them, but out of the blue I'd say Ringo Starr. Why ?? First of all, he is the brilliant drummer of the first band to have ever thrilled me, and this guy has had some awesome inspirations with the Beatles, and he also has this way of playing the drums ever so approriately. I would like to know what guides himm when composing drum lines, how he got to elaborate some of his most famous rythms, how it was like to write the fantastic Sgt. Pepper's, how the Beatles wrote songs together ; I would like to talk with him about so many things, all night long in a Liverpool pub, drinking wheat beer :-)


Women, of course ! Their glances, their lips, their buttocks, their attitudes ... ; music as the perfect vehicle for emotions ; happiness ; laughter ; pleasure and joy ; friends ; sharing ; beer and wine ; the stars ; good food ; love ; sex ; balance (or rather, how to achieve it ...) ; simplicity and complexity ; justice ; being on the road ; wide open space (and all the small places) ; movies (especially those from the 70's) ; rythm ; freedom.

Sam Marshal Bass, Backing vocals

Reasonable, I'd say... anyway, it's not the size that matters (it's the taste). What? Not THAT gear? Oh yeah... Right... 

Fender Aerodyne Jazz bass 

Ampeg 8x10 + SVT 450

Ear-Monitors Wireless System

I also happen to play the guitar, drums, harmonica and piston valve triangle.

Major influences

I've started to play bass to play bass lines from Gene Simmons, Duff McKagan, John Paul Jones and Tom Hamilton. Then I ventured into the 60's R'n'B and funk. At the present time, I'm taking on Jaco... Morituri te salutant!

3 most favourite albums

It's hard to name only three of them...

Guns'N'Roses - Appetite for Destruction (1987)

Iggy and The Stooges - Raw Power (1973)

Mötley Crüe - Mötley Crüe (1994),...

My favourite three albums at the moment, though they change more often: Currently I listen a lot to Slash's World On Fire de Slash and Ain't Life Grand... But also to Fruta Inteira by Forro Afiado and 365 Révolutions by Salut les anges.

Favourite Highway song to play live

All of them are cool to play live, but I especially like those which are our best, most heartfelt live acts: Circus of Madness, The Cowman, Only Rock'n'Roll, ...

Favourite quotation

"It's the early bird that catches the worm, but it is spotted by the night owl."

The person he would like to have a beer with

All the artists with whom I would like to have a beer now only drink spring water and herb tea.

But let's say they don't. Lemmy (before they released the Mötorhead beer) and particularly SLASH!

I love his music, his sound, his attitude. He seems to be so cool and rock right up to the top of his hat. He's by far the guitarist that who thrills me the most.


Encounters: People who cross you path and who leave your memories and your heart forever changed.

Nature inspires me, especially when the city gets too exhausting. What I love above all is to go somewhere far away from urban schizophrenia and take the time to contemplate life's quiet power which asks for nothing else but to live.

A lot of books, movies and shows which mirror the obvious need to constantly get back up to that fluffy and ethereal cloud of imagination and fiction. And, of course, a lot of night's out with plenty of decadence and Rock’n’Roll.